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The Childrens Trust Safari
September 16 2007

On September 16th 2007 early in the morning a number of helicopters assembled along with their pilots at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey.

The reason was the fourth annual event organised by a couple of long established characters in the UK helicopter industry, Peter Campbell and Huxley Cowen from PC Aviation. The event itself was a day out to Woburn Safari Park, for a group of children from The Children's Trust with their families.

A number of well known helicopter owners provided their aircraft and 10 professional pilots gave their time free of charge to make the event happen. Redhill facilitated the airport to base it all from and waived landing fees for everyone involved.

The Heathrow controllers provided a more than accommodating service allowing the twins to route over the centre of London as they saw fit.

Woburn Safari Park provided an exciting day out for the children, and the local fire service provided fire cover free of charge.

Hayward Aviation insured the whole event, while catering was provded by Domino's Pizzas, who fed everyone at Woburn.

The photos were provided by Capt. Simon Maynard who was the Pilot of G-VONG on the day.

Wembley Stadium
Chelsea's Football Ground
Arsenals' Emirates Stadium

The aircraft involved where

  • EC135 G-FEES
  • AS355 G-JETU
  • AS355 G-VONG
  • AS355 G-STRL
  • A109S G-ETOU
  • AS365 G-DPHN
  • AS350 G-OOIO
  • AS350 G-JBBZ
  • AS350 G-EJOC

5 of the helicopters parked at Woburn Safari Park. G-DPHN and G-ETOU in the foreground.
Three single Squirrels G-EJOC, G-OOIO, G-JBBZ
G-OOIO and G-JBBZ at Woburn
Single Squirrels at Woburn
Twin Squirrel G-STRL stirs up the leaves at Woburn
Looks like a Eurocopter pilots convention.
EC-135 G-FEES at Woburn Safari Park
Agusta 109S (Grand) G-ETOU
Twin Squirrels G-JETU, G-VONG
Twin Corner at Woburn, G-FEES, G-JETU, G-VONG, G-ETOU
Another View of Wembley
Just in case you wondered they passed Wembley on the way
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