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Self Fly Hire Rates

On completion of your PPL(H), you will be eligible to fly helicopters of the same type as the one you complete your training on and carry (non fare paying) passengers.  You may also convert on to different types of helicopter subject to a minimum of 5 hours training and a flight test with an examiner for each type.
Typical costs at schools around the UK are shown below
These figures are calculated each time this page is accessed, in order to provide the most up to date pricing
The figures are based upon standard charging rates for 1hr and no block discounts have been factored in.
Remember to check when you agree your rates, whether your rates include fuel and home base landing fees.
All operators are different and some won't mention fuel and fees until you receive your first invoice after your first flight.
Aircraft Type Charter Hire Per Hour Training Per Hour
47 261.25 307.50
480 350.00 415.00
A109 1,133.33 1,100.00 1,146.67
AS350 677.50 530.00 600.00
AS355 861.67 775.00 802.50
B206 522.78 420.29 476.25
B206L 717.50 625.00 670.00
EC120 505.00 505.00
F28 206.25 251.25
H269 275.00 189.11 244.85
H369 485.00 437.00 476.50
MD600 617.50 662.50
R22 236.75 163.75 215.27
R44 395.00 310.14 358.38
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