PPL(H) Flight Exercises

This table lists all the exercises required by JAR FCL-2 for the PPL(H).
The exercises are not necessarily covered in order during your flying training.
Often the weather will necessitate remaining on the airfield and this is were we see the advantage over fixed wing training, in that during periods of adverse weather some of the exercises can be carried out quite safely without leaving the airfield.

Exercise NoTitleDualSolo
1Familiarisation with the helicopter
2Preparation [before] and action after flight.
3Air Experience
4Effects Of Controls
5Power and Attitude Changes
6Level Flight, climbing and descending and turning
8Hovering and Hover Taxying
9Take Off And Landing
10Transitions from hover to climb and approach to hover
11Circuits and Emergencies
12First Solo
13Sideways And Backwards hover manoeuvring
14Spot Turns
15Hover Out Of Ground Effect and Vortex Ring
16Simulated Engine Off Landings
17Advanced Autorotations
18Practice Forced Landings
19Steep Turns
21Quick Stops
23Advanced Take Offs, Landings and Transitions
24Sloping Ground
25Limited Power
26Confined Areas
27Basic Instrument Flying5
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