AutoGenThe Griffin site is being a little neglected at the moment [March 2008], with updates to data only and no real development.

The reason is I am working on a site dedicated to helicopter safety and the prevention through training of helicopter accidents.

The site contains a considered extract from the Griffin Accident database, which has involved me reading over three hundred accident reports and categorising the data contained within to enable the production of some figures which are used to prioritise the safety evenings and the content thereof.

It can be found at
AutoGenAdded in September 2006, the site now features an accident database with extracts from the NTSB, AAIB, AAIU and a number of other national accident investigation bodies. The database contains more than 12000 entries and can be searched by the use of a simple form. In August 2007 the UK CAA provided an extract from their database, which included 770 accidents known to G Registration helicopters, which was 584 more than we had. Thanks to them for their assistance.
AutoGenAdded in April 2007, the books page contains a short review of all the books we know of that are useful to the qualified pilot and student alike. Links to publishers and downloadable books are included for convenience.
AutoGenThe weight and balance page is an online Center of Gravity / Performance Calculator. It contains graphs and calculators for more than 30 diffferent helicopter variants from the R22 to the S-61.

It was updated in February 2007 to allow for lateral calculations.
AutoGenThe most popular page on the site at present, the collection has reached 212 online videos in over 2.7GB of files.

The page is visited on average 1000 times a day and is a collection of aerobatic, accident and other helicopter videos.
AutoGenThe site now features, as requested by a number of users a map containing details of all the public landing sites in our database.

As far as we know we were the first UK site to feature a database driven landing sites directory, and one of the first with an online map.

The database contains airfields, airports, military airfields and over 600 helicopter landing sites in the UK.